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Les Faiences de Slavik et Claude Palley

A Palley vogue

We are pleased to announce Palley’s pottery art is receiving increasing acknowledgment and appreciation in the ceramic world.

Jean Jacquinot is going to publish a second book — a catalogue to archive the work of Claude and Slavik.

On his behalf, we ask you to send or E-mail us pictures of your own Palley collection. At this point, we realize a large part of their body of work is in the hands of our customers. Your personal participation is very important for the completion and understanding of all their artistic work.

We are very proud and excited that our founders, Pierre and Peter were the first in the United States to recognize the value of their great talent and now the rest of the world is following.

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Les Pierre currently has in stock a wide variety of painted furniture including side tables, desks, corner cabinets, armoires and chests of drawers. We have recently created a new category on our website just for painted furniture.

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